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Wolverines are elite because of John Beilein

When John Beilein was named as the next Michigan basketball coach in 2011, he started by saying he wanted to create a winning culture. He has stuck to his plan and the Wolverines are reaping the benefits.

The lull came in mid to late December for the 2018-19 Michigan basketball team. Yet the man who put the team together kept driving them. Through shooting problems and defensive lapses, Beilein continued to hold a steady ship. His players have responded and played much better as of late.

It is part of the winning culture John has embedded in his program. Beilein uses over the top polished fundamentals to guild his team. He also has built his program on defense first. He also recruits solid players and then gets them to buy into his system. As all the good coaches do.

Beilein’s vision is a team that can play a big or small lineup who can either run with or slow down the tempo and force teams to adapt to Michigan’s style. The Wolverines dictate the action. He has done exactly what he both said and set out to do in 2011.

Michigan basketball is on an elite level. Sure the coaches team has flaws. What college team does not have a flaw or two? But because of quality depth and tremendous fundamentals, Beilein’s boys can overcome any short-comings they may have. During the lull period, they overcame sluggish starts in at least three games.

The Michigan basketball team makes opponents work for everything. From rebounds to layups, the defense makes sure nothing comes easy. That is not to say they will not endure a loss or two. But the team that beats them will have earned it. While offensively they move the ball around until someone has a good look at the hoop.

John Beilein, looks to have the Wolverines at a championship level for some time to come. Winning is the greatest way to sell your program to would be recruits. Michigan is the brand. Together Beilein’s vision and the Michigan brand has placed Michigan on the national stage.

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Leaving Michigan basketball fans to ask “who’s got it better than us?’

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