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Warde Manuel responds to Cris Carter: ‘Consider the source’

There’s always a certainty in college football. The coaching carousel instantly kicks into high gear once the final regular season game has been played and rumors of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh’s name surfacing as soon as an NFL head coaching position is open. This time around, FS1 analyst, and former Ohio State football player, Cris Carter took to his show First Things First to stoke the flames of the latest round of Harbaugh-to-somewhere rumors.

“Watch out for Jim Harbaugh,” Carter said. “Because Jim Harbaugh is potentially trying to get his way out of Michigan. I got good sources that are telling me not only Green Bay, but watch out for the Cleveland Browns. He likes their quarterback situation’s there, and I believe there are front office people in Green Bay who are enamored with Jim Harbaugh trying to get him to come to Green Bay.”

Author and journalist John U. Bacon, who has been covering the Wolverines’ program closely for years, would know firsthand about the constant rumors flowing about Harbaugh every offseason. Bacon took to Twitter to calm the fears and concerns of many U-M fans.

“I’ve not seen or heard the slightest sign that Jim Harbaugh is going to the Packers, or anywhere else, any time soon,” Bacon wrote. “If anyone has actual evidence or sources, let us know. Otherwise, add this to the pile of baseless speculation that’s followed Harbaugh since he returned to UM.”

WTKA 1050’s The Michigan Insider spoke to U-M athletic director Warde Manuel on Wednesday about a variety of topics. Naturally, Carter’s thoughts about Harbaugh and the NFL came up during the discussion. Manuel delivered an honest answer in defense of his head coach, shooting down all possible rumors of Harbaugh’s intentions to leave Ann Arbor.

“I would say consider the source of the comment,” Manuel said. “Cris is very accomplished in his life but he went to the school down South. We tend to throw out things like that, sources say, my sources, I haven’t missed any sleep. Jim has not said anything to me about it, he’s on the road recruiting putting in great effort. So, from my perspective, it has no validity at all. There’s been zero conversations about it. I believe Jim is very happy here, he is working to continue to bring in great recruits here. Preparing to go down to the bowl game at the Peach Bowl and play a very good Florida team.”


“His focus and I’ve spoken to him on several occasions in the past week, his focus every time we’ve had a conversation has only been on the University of Michigan and making us better. I don’t give any credence to those comments.”

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