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‘The Simpsons’ calls out Columbus ahead of Michigan-Ohio State rivalry

The annual college football showdown between Ohio State and Michigan may be 12 days away, but that didn’t stop America’s longest-running sitcom from having a little fun with the heated rivalry.

The joke came during the latest episode of “The Simpsons,” which aired on Sunday, Nov. 11. Titled, “From Russia Without Love,” the episode centered on Springfield’s crusty-but-lovable bartender Moe and his marriage to a mail-order bride from Russia.

However, in typical Moe fashion, he was unable to go through with it. And as you can see in the clip captured by a Michigan resident and posted to Twitter, neither she or the priest were from Russia at all. 

The priest was from Brooklyn, “when Brooklyn was Brooklyn.” And the bride? 

“I’m not Russian at all,” she says. “I’m from Columbus, Ohio.”

Shortly after the reveal an unnamed character in a Michigan sweater stands up and yells, “What! That’s even worse.”

So there you go. There appears to be a Michigan fan in “The Simpsons” writing room. Either that, or the show that’s made a name for itself based on hot-button topics and current events just decided to dabble in “The Game.”

This isn’t the first time FOX has used Michigan for motivation. “Family Guy” made a Flint water crisis joke during an episode in February 2017. 

The actual game between the No. 4 Wolverines (9-1) and No. 10 Buckeyes (9-1) will be played in Columbus on Nov. 24 in a game that will have College Football Playoff and Big Ten Championship Game ramifications.

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