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REPORT: Former Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell planning return

On Tuesday, the Detroit Lions FINALLY cut ties with offensive coordinator, Jim Bob Cooter. It’s a move they should have made a long time ago as the guy could not play call himself out of a paper bag. But we are talking about the Lions and as we know, they always keep players, coaches, and general managers for way too long.

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So, now that Cooter is gone, the speculation has begun as to who will be the Lions, next offensive coordinator.

Within an hour of the announcement that the Lions had decided not to renew Cooter’s contract, the local media and bloggers started to release their pieces on potential candidates to replace him. Some listed as few as five candidates while others seemed to list every offensive coach they have ever heard of.

To be honest, I personally have a list of seven which I planned on publishing (maybe I still will) until I actually gave it some thought and realized exactly who the Lions will hire. Note: He did not make my top seven.

Let me make something very clear. I do not trust Bob Quinn, Matt Patricia, or anyone else with power in the Lions organization when it comes to evaluating player or coaching talent. Because of that, I have to believe they will make the wrong hire once again.

So, without further ado, the Detroit Lions next offensive coordinator will be…

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George Godsey is currently the Lions’ quarterbacks coach and he has ties to both Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia from when he coached with the New England Patriots from 2011-2013.

As far as experience goes, Godsey was the offensive coordinator for the Houston Texans from 2015-2016. In 2015, the Texans finished No. 19 in the NFL in total offense and No. 21 in points scored per game. The following season, Houston ranked No. 29 in total offense and No. 28 in points scored per game.

In my opinion, Godsey is a horrible offensive coordinator and I can not think of a single reason why I would hire him if I were the Lions.

That being said, Patricia has already proven that he likes to hire his buddies (look no further than the current defensive coordinator), and I believe Godsey will soon be announced as the Lions next offensive coordinator.

I pray I am dead wrong on this one.

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