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Ohio State was a ‘mirage’

ANN ARBOR — The Michigan football players haven’t had many opportunities to discuss the catastrophic loss to Ohio State other than postgame and one media opportunity to discuss the acceptance to the Peach Bowl. Of course, when placing Chase Winovich in front of a microphone at any given moment, you’re bound to receive a nugget or two of information that can be used going forward.

Winovich was asked what he would say to U-M quarterback Shea Patterson about returning to the football program next year for his senior year. After telling reporters that Winovich would do what’s best for Patterson, he broke off into a tangent about the team and what happened during the last game of the season completely unprompted.

“I would say to any recruit or any potential guy that sees maybe what happened in the Ohio State game or is persuaded against coming here because of that, I would say that alone is a mirage and what we’ve built here is a powerhouse. That’s the Michigan I’m leaving. A Michigan that’s headed in this trajectory where the sky is the limit. Not to quote Buzz Lightyear here but it’s infinity and beyond with what we’re working with here. Shea knows that. Shea knows that limitless potential. He could deal with that how he pleases.”

So what exactly makes the performance a ‘mirage’ exactly? Winovich’s explanation is simple, the team simply had an off day and realizes it’s not the best excuse. To have an off day during the most important game of the year is something to look back at fondly. However, Winovich believes he is leaving the program in better hands than how he found it and, in regards to the future, the program will remember what happened that day in Columbus.

“I would say the game didn’t go—we didn’t have our best game that day, obviously, I don’t think anybody wouldn’t say that,” Winovich said. “It wasn’t us. It happened, it is what it is and we’re going to look it in the face. It wasn’t us being way worse than Ohio State, we just had a bad day and they capitalized on it. Just like we’ve been doing, we’re coming back stronger and we’re going to remember this next year.”

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