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Ohio native Joey Velazquez continues Michigan tradition of guaranteeing wins over Ohio State

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio State-Michigan football rivalry is a 24/7, 365-day process.

There are constant moments throughout the year where the two schools go back-and-forth with trash talk with the ultimate goal of winning The Game.

As a player, the hateful mindset towards the other school begins the moment you sign your National Letter of intent and continues for the rest of your life. But though standing on the side of Michigan haven’t had a real reason to boast since 2011 and since the turn of the millennium have only come out on top on the field three times. But that doesn’t keep them from voicing their confidence in their program.

Joey Velazquez is a three-star safety from St. Francis DeSales High School (OH). He is the latest player associated with Michigan to claim that things will turn in their favor. In an interview with the Michigan Insider Velazquez claimed that he plans to help put an end to the seven-game losing streak Michigan has suffered to Ohio State.

“I don’t think anybody is going to get any gold pants any time soon,” Velazquez said in the interview.

The gold pants he is referring to are the necklaces Ohio State players and coaches receive when they beat Michigan as a reminder of their win. For seven straight years, players have earned pants and five straight senior classes have come through Ohio State without knowing what it’s like to lose to the Wolverines.

When Ohio State players — both current and former — heard of the bold comments they took to Twitter to voice their reactions ranging from simple responses to JT Barrett claiming that the “bitter” comment comes from the fact that Ohio State didn’t recruit him as a kid from Columbus, Ohio.

Velazquez isn’t the first player to confidently claim that Michigan will beat Ohio State. He’s not even the first recruit from Ohio to do it.

Kyle Kalis is an Ohio native who currently plays guard for the Cleveland Browns. In 2012, Kalis was a senior at St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio where he was a four-star recruit. He originally committed to Ohio State who were then under the direction of Jim Tressel. After Ohio State’s involvement in an NCAA scandal, Kalis decommitted stating he didn’t want to play for a school under NCAA sanctions. He later committed to Michigan as a junior. He still another year until he would be headed to Ann Arbor but that didn’t keep him from expressing his confidence in Michigan’s future.

“I believe the Michigan-Ohio border is now open,” Kalis told ESPN in 2011.

Kalis graduated from Michigan without a single win against Ohio State.

Current Michigan running back Karan Higdon made a similar decree, sort of. Higdon guaranteed a win over Ohio State this season but did so by simply answering a question on the subject. Unlike Velazquez and Kalis, didn’t go out of his way to do so. Ohio state beat Michigan 62-39 to earn a trip to the Big Ten Championship.

But all three are trumped by the man they’ve all called coach.

Jim Harbaugh is the man behind one of the most notably guarantee in college football history when he guaranteed that Michigan would beat Ohio State and earn a trip to the Rose Bowl. He made a bold statement, but his comments paid off in the form of a 26-24 victory. So far two of the other three haven’t been so lucky and Velazquez will find out soon enough whether his words will come true.

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