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No amount of chaos can help Wolverines

No matter how crazy things get Saturday, there is no amount of chaos that can help Michigan football make the College Football Playoff.

It’s Championship week for college football and that means there is a lot of line across the country. There just isn’t anything on the line this week for Michigan football.

Well, nothing other than bowl position. Make no mistake, the results Saturday will have an impact on where Michigan football plays this postseason, however, no amount of chaos can possibly help the Wolverines playoff chances.

When Michigan football ranked seventh in the most recent playoff rankings, some fans asked the question, what happens if Georgia, Oklahoma and Ohio State all lose? It’s a good question, but even if all that happens, it’s still hard to see Michigan getting the nod.

For one, If Georgia lost a close game to Alabama, it might get the nod anyway, if not, you would think it would have to go to an undefeated UCF team, as long as the Knights finish off Memphis of the American title.

Yet, even if the craziest of the crazy happened, and UCF got beat too, would that beat enough to get Michigan in the playoffs? At that point, I still don’t know. Would the Wolverines really be more deserving than a 10-3 Texas team that beat Oklahoma twice on a neutral field?

That’s a hard case to make. Washington might have had an argument if it didn’t look boring as heck in a 10-3 win over Utah in the Pac-12 title game, but now that doesn’t even seem possible.

Ultimately, this argument is going to be mute. Either Oklahoma or Ohio State will win. And if they don’t then the committee will have a tough decision to make, yet how do you put a team in the playoffs that’s fresh off a 23-point loss?

Alabama did get the nod after a 12-point loss to Auburn last season. Yet, that was the Tide’s only loss and the committee has a love affair with Bama –one it doesn’t have with Michigan or the Big Ten.

If Alabama takes care of business, Texas beats Oklahoma and Northwestern beats Ohio State, I don’t know what will happen. But I know that Michigan football won’t make the playoff and after their showing against the Buckeyes, they don’t deserve too.

What can happen Saturday, is that if Texas beats Oklahoma and Ohio State makes the playoffs, then Michigan will head to the Rose Bowl. That is the best result Michigan fans can really hope for, but since it requires an Ohio State win, how about we just turn our TV’s off and wait for the Peach or Fiesta Bowl bid tomorrow.

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Cheer for chaos if you want, but no matter how crazy things get, it still won’t be enough to get Michigan football into the playoff.

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