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New offensive coordinator means new direction

After calling his own offensive plays at every stop Jim Harbaugh has relinquished play calling. This act now allows Michigan football to move forward into today’s college football landscape.

Josh Gattis, the new offensive coordinator for Michigan football, who by all accounts is a real up and comer in the coaching ranks may be Jim Harbaugh‘s most important hire yet. Snagged from Nick Saban’s Alabama coaching tree. That does not merit success alone.

Meanwhile, Jim Harbaugh has had Tim Drevno (Wolverines offensive coordinator from 2015 to 2017) and then he had in-game help from offensive line coach Ed Warinner while never naming an offensive coordinator. In fact, the play calling was a bit muddled.

What comes next is critical to Michigan football. Here is a legit question. Will Harbaugh allow Gattis to call the plays on his own? I have long believed Michigan would be better if Harbaugh would simply manage the game. The way Saban and other coaches do. For the betterment of the team, he needs to.

But Harbaugh, at times, has been a stubborn coach.

While a balanced attack is nice and all. It does not pay the bills. In fact it can hurt team production because it does not allow players to reach their full potential as it suffocates proper growth and development. In order for Michigan football to take the next step, its needs to open the offense up. Warinner helped to overhaul the Michigan run game. Now Gattis must do the rest.

Take shots downfield. Get players in space and let them move the chains. All the while establishing a run game. Then mix the play calling up. Then the offense will hum.

Gattis has never called his own plays. He will reportedly get that opportunity and shoulder the responsibility under Harbaugh. Another question is how much of the offense will Gattis actually control? Is Harbaugh willing to give him total control or does he hold some things back?

With no connection to Michigan or Jim Harbaugh Gattis is an exciting addition in pure speculation of what could and will be. In a week that has seen two Michigan assistant coaches head to rival Ohio State. The Wolverines and Jim Harbaugh brought in a big-time hire.

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Harbaugh must allow Gattis room to implement his own stamp on the Michigan offense.

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