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Mount Crushed-more: Appreciating Four Michigan Football Legends

There’s just too much hate in this world these days and I’m tired of it. 

Whether it be politics, twitter beefs over pizza toppings or good old-fashioned sports team arguments, the vitriol has gotten out of control. 

With the holidays in full swing, I think it’s high time we all take a deep breath and offer an open mind and modest appreciation to those things that don’t exactly line up with our core values. 

Michigan football is indeed one of those things that doesn’t line up with our core values but here I am, big enough to pay homage to four of the most honorable Wolverines in recent memory. 

You might sub out a player or two from your list but here’s one man’s Mount Rushmore of Michigan football elites. 


A distinguished Lakewood, Ohio product, Kyle Kalis should be commended for his Try Hard but sadly that was overshadowed by his inner Miss Cleo

A Buckeye pledge who flipped to Michigan after the Tatgate scandal broke, Kalis looked into his crystal ball and proclaimed more would do the same offering, “A handful of guys make that jump that they usually wouldn’t.”

Turns out, he was right as Michigan high school blue chips Damon Webb, Mike Weber, Josh Alabi and Micheal Jordan ended up leaving the Mitten State for success in Columbus. 

While Kyle might’ve nailed that one, he wasn’t quite as on point with his on-field prediction: 

“There will be blood on the field and it won’t be mine. … Quote it. Let (Ohio State fans) know.”

[re: dream scenario against Ohio State] “A pancake on every play of the game, us putting up a ton of points on them and once again, a jersey drenched in red.”

As it happened, Ohio State ended up drenched in five straight wins with Kalis on Michigan’s roster making him a no-brainer for Mount Crushed-more. 


When Jim Harbaugh first arrived in Ann Arbor, the man was a tornado of aggressive tweets, satellite camps, shirtless but khaki’d media ops and sleepovers with recruits. 

Mysteriously, those antics have quieted a bit on his journey to becoming the only coach since Michigan began playing college football way back in 1879 to open his tenure with four straight losses to Ohio State. 

One of the most generous coaches in school history, Harbaugh recently gave up 62 points to Ohio State – the most ever by a Michigan squad against its rival – and his troops have been outscored 165-99 in The Game since his arrival in 2015. 

While Ohio State fans are grateful for his service, the Detroit Free Press didn’t come away as impressed after the latest defeat: 

This was a complete and total failure.

Not just for the Michigan Wolverines.

But for Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh, who got out coached by Urban Meyer once again.

Ohio State didn’t just upset Michigan. The Buckeyes totally embarrassed the Wolverines, 62-39, the most points giving up by the Wolverines in the history of the series.

This was more than a collapse. This was an unraveling. Ohio State took a look at Michigan’s strengths — or at least, what was perceived to be its strengths — and ripped them to shreds. The Buckeyes shredded Michigan’s defense, finding weaknesses, forcing pass interference penalties. Getting them shaken up. 

Quiet down Freep. Those of us to the south wish Harbaugh a very Merry Christmas. 


The front man for Michigan’s Revenge Tour, defensive end Chase Winovich came up with four tackles as Ohio State racked up 567 total yards of offense last month. 

A forever-friend to Columbus, Winovich looks like a WWE heel or the lead singer of a Whitesnake cover band which lines up nicely with his passion for being self-owned. 

Having already seen his squads go 0-5 against Ohio State, Winovich was determined to go 0-6 as he dropped this logic-bomb earlier this week:

“I would say to any recruit or any potential guy who sees what happened in the Ohio State game and is persuaded against coming to Michigan because of that, I would say that alone is a mirage. And you should not be fooled. What we’ve built here and what we’ll continue to build is a powerhouse.”

Ohio State Football’s twitter account was all too happy to dole out that sixth L to Winovich in the form of this murder: 

Kinda cold-blooded if you ask me. I’m happy to buy the legend a nice dinner if his travels should ever bring him back to Columbus. 


Mike Hart returned for his senior season for two reasons, “to win a national championship and beat the Buckeyes.”

A true giver, Hart gave up his dream of beating Ohio State in his final try despite already being 0-3, allowing the Silver Bullets to hold him to 44 yards on 2.4 yards per carry despite it being his last game in Michigan Stadium. 

With Hart opting to let his tailback counterpart have the spotlight, Beanie Wells obliged with 222 rushing yards and both Ohio State touchdowns in the 14-3 win. 

This selfless act vaulted Ohio State into the national championship game and even though the Buckeyes lost, you have to give credit to Hart for making the appearance possible. 

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