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Game Summary

For a second there, it looked like Rutgers might cause some problems for No. 4 Michigan. 

The pressure didn’t last long in the Wolverines’ 42-7 win, however, as Michigan (9-1, 7-0 B10 East) scored 35 unanswered after Isaih Pacheco tied the game at 7-7 with an 80-yard touchdown run in the first quarter. Shea Patterson was 18-for-27 with 260 yards through the air and 3 touchdowns, Karan Higdon eclipsed 1,000 yards on the season with a two-touchdown, 42-yard performance and Nico Collins hauled in two receiving touchdowns. 

Aside from Pacheco’s touchdown run, the Michigan defense had another strong game, allowing 59 passing yards and 252 yards of total offense. It also forced two turnovers. Rutgers (1-9, 0-7) couldn’t convert on third down until under four minutes remained in the third quarter.

Final leaders


UM – Shea Patterson: 18/27, 260 yds., 3 TDs

RU – Artur Sitkowski: 8/19, 40 yds.


UM – Chris Evans: 6 atts., 75 yds., TD

RU – Isaih Pacheco: 16 atts., 142 yds., TD


UM – Donovan Peoples-Jones: 5 recs., 83 yds.

RU – Giovanni Rescigno: 1 rec., 19 yds.

Michigan ices game with interception late in fourth

Isaih Pacheco gets 3 yards on first and second down. Raheem Blackshear gets 3 more yards on third down. Jonathan Hilliman barely gets the nose of the football past the first-down marker on fourth-and-1 to keep Rutgers’ drive alive.

Pacheco goes 4 yards on first down and 3 yards on second down. He picks up the first down with a 4-yard run on third down.

Pacheco continues to pound the rock with a 6-yard run on first down, 2 more on second down, and moves the chains with a 5-yard run on third down.

Pacheco runs for 4 more yards on first down, and Rutgers’ drive comes to an end when Sitkowski throws an interception to Ambry Thomas.

Michigan 42, Rutgers 7 (1:45 4th)

Berkley Edwards takes the first-down handoff for 4 yards. Joe Milton Scrambles for 2 yards on second down, that’ll do it for this one.

Michigan 42, Rutgers 7 (FINAL)

Milton goes three-and-out on first drive 

Joe Milton is in at quarterback for Michigan. 

Milton is pushed out-of-bounds after a 1-yard gain on first down. Berkley Edwards gets his first action of the day with a run that goes for no gain on second down. Milton is sacked on third down for a loss of 9 that’ll end the drive.

Will Hart’s punt is fair caught at the 15-yard-line.

Michigan 42, Rutgers 7 (7:34 4th)

Rutgers goes three-and-out after Evans touchdown

Isaih Pacheco returns the kick 24 yards to the 24.

Artur Sitkowski throws on first down to Everett Wormley, who is absolutely demolished by Josh Ross, forcing an incompletion. Jonathan Hilliman is stopped for no gain on second down. Raheem Blackshear gets a yard on a third-down reception.

Michigan 42, Rutgers 7 (9:45 4th)

Evans scores rushing touchdown on first play of drive

Brandon Peters has entered the game for Michigan. He hands the ball to Chris Evans and Evans goes all the way to the house for a 61-yard touchdown run. 

Controversy brewing: is Peters a better handoff-er than Patterson?

Michigan 42, Rutgers 7 (11:26 4th)

Michigan shutting down Rutgers late

Isaih Pacheco gets to the 18-yard-line on the kickoff. That’s the last play of the third quarter.

Michigan 35, Rutgers 7 (End 3rd)

Quarterbacks Joe Milton and Brandon Peters are both warming up on the sidelines for Michigan as Rutgers starts its next drive.

Travis Vokolek catches a 5-yard pass on first down and Raheem Blackshear hauls in a 1-yard reception on second down. Rutgers picks up the first down with a 14-yard completion to Blackshear.

Blackshear gets 2 yards on first down. Nakia Griffin-Stewart gets 3 yards on a second-down reception. Artur Sitkowski’s third-down pass falls incomplete.

Adam Korsak’s punt bounces into the sideline at the 39-yard-line.

Michigan 35, Rutgers 7 (11:17 4th)

Wilson sets it up, Collins knocks it down

Tru Wilson rushes for 13 yards on first down after the fumble.

Wilson gets to the Rutgers 21-yard-line on the next play with an 8-yard pickup and then gets to the 13 with 8 more yards on second down. 

Wilson runs for 3 yards on the next play. Patterson throws a back-shoulder fade to Nico Collins, and he has his second receiving touchdown of the evening.

Michigan 35, Rutgers 7 (0:14 3rd)

Rutgers loses momentum with fumble

Rutgers received a holding penalty on the punt, so it’ll start its next drive at the 10.

Jonathan Hilliman loses a yard on a first-down run. Artur Sitkowski’s throw on second down falls incomplete. Raheem Blackshear rushes for 17 yards and Rutgers has converted on third down for the first time this game. 

Timeout #2 Rutgers (3:50 3rd)

Blackshear picks up a yard on first down. Rutgers runs some trickery as Isaih Pacheco throws a running-back pass to Giovanni Rescigno for a gain of 19.

Rutgers loses all its momentum on the next play. Blackshear fumbles and Lawrence Marshall recovers to give Michigan the ball at the Rutgers 42.

Michigan 28, Rutgers 7 (2:47 3rd)

Michigan keeping things conservative on offense

Tru Wilson runs for a 1-yard gain on first down. Chris Evans gets just a yard on second down.

Timeout #1 Rutgers (6:51 3rd)

Donovan Peoples-Jones catches a pass about 8 yards out and fights through several Rutgers defenders for a 26-yard gain that’ll give Michigan a first down at the 35. 

Ronnie Bell is dropped at the line on a double reverse that starts promising but ends with nothing to show for it. Shea Patterson’s throw down the sideline to Nico Collins falls incomplete. His third-down throw to Grant Perry is knocked down.

Injury: Defensive lineman Kwity Paye is seen heading to the Michigan locker room with what appears to be an arm injury.

Avery Young fields Will Hart’s punt and loses 6 yards before getting tackled at the 16.

Michigan 28, Rutgers 7 (5:07 3rd)

Michigan defense grinds down Rutgers offense

Once again, Isaih Pacheco returns a kickoff past midfield and has the run called back because of a penalty. Pacheco got all the way to Michigan’s 28, but it’ll be moved back to the Rutgers 18.

Raheem Blackshear gets 2 yards on first down. Shameen Jones hauls in a 16-yard reception on second down to move the chains.

Artur Sitkowski’s throw on first down is incomplete. Bo Melton runs for a gain of 5 on second down. Sitkowki is blown up by Devin Bush on a third-down completion, resulting in a roughing the passer penalty that’ll give the Scarlet Knights 15 yards and a first down at the Michigan 38.

Pacheco is dropped for a loss of 1 on first down. Sitkowski’s pass on second down is incomplete. He misses the mark with a deep pass on third down and Rutgers will punt.

Adam Korsak’s punt goes out-of-bounds at the 7.

Michigan 28, Rutgers 7 (7:57 3rd)

Oliver touchdown extends Michigan’s lead in third

Michigan will start at the 27 after a 19-yard return by Ambry Thomas.

Karan Higdon gets the ball on first down and picks up a yard. Shea Patterosn looks for a tightly-defended Donovan Peoples-Jones down the right sideline; the pass falls incomplete. Zach Gentry makes a tremendous catch over the middle that’s good for 21 yards and will keep the drive alive.

Injury update: Lavert Hill is out for the remainder of today’s game with an undisclosed injury.

Higdon picks up 5 yards on first down and then loses 2 on second down. Patterson rolls left and goes over the top to Peoples-Jones for a 32-yard completion that’ll make it first-and-10 at the 16.

Higdon is dropped for no gain on first down. Patterson waits an eternity for a receiver to gain some space before eventually throwing deep to Oliver Martin in the end zone for a Michigan touchdown.

Michigan 28, Rutgers 7 (11:12 3rd)

First half leaders


UM – Shea Patterson: 13/19, 155 yds., TD

RU – Artur Sitkowski: 2/6, 0 yds.


UM – Karan Higdon: 11 atts., 38 yds., 2 TDs

RU – Isaih Pacheco: 5 atts., 106 yds., TD


UM – Nico Collins: 2 recs., 46 yds., TD

RU – Raheem Blackshear: 2 recs., 0 yds.

Michigan can’t capitalize on final first-half drive

Shea Patterson throws deep to Donovan Peoples-Jones again to start the drive. Again, the pass falls incomplete. Higdon rushes for 5 yards on second down and picks up 2 more on third down.

Michigan takes a delay-of-game penalty to give Will Hart more room to work with on the punt.

Hart’s punt is downed at the 19.

Michigan 21, Rutgers 7 (0:45 2nd)

Michigan stumps Rutgers offense on third down

Isaih Pacheco’s long return is called back for holding. Rutgers will take over at the 20.

Raheem Blackshear gets 1 yard on first down and then breaks free for a 20-yard gain on second down. 

Blackshear gets no gain on first down. He gets 8 on second down, setting up third-and-2.  Artur Sitkowski throws to Pacheco on third down, but Devin Bush makes a nice play to punch the ball out. Sitkowski scrambles right on fourth down and is taken down before reaching the first-down marker. 

Michigan 21, Rutgers 7 (2:37 2nd)

Collins touchdown puts Michigan up two scores

Tru Wilson gets to the outside on first down for a gain of 4. Shea Patterson tries to go to Donovan Peoples-Jones’ back shoulder, but the pass is slightly underthrown and results in an incompletion. Patterson gets it to Nico Collins on third down for a gain of 10 that’ll move the chains.

Injury: Defensive back Lavert Hill is heading to the Michigan locker room with an undisclosed injury.


Patterson is hit while trying to get it to Sean McKeon on a screen pass and the throw falls incomplete. Patterson gets it to Bell on second down for a gain of 3. On third down, Patterson finds Collins wide open deep. Collins could have walked into the end zone, and Michigan is now up two scores.

Michigan 21, Rutgers 7 (5:07 2nd)

Michigan defense firing at all cylinders now

Raheem Blackshear returns the kickoff back to the 27. 

Isaih Pacheco gets 2 yards up the middle on first down. Artur Sitkowski swings it to Blackshear on second down, and Blackshear is wrapped up way behind the line for a loss of 7. Devin Bush gets Blackshear behind the line again on the next play for a loss of 3. 

Rutgers’ punt is tipped, but still nets 34 yards, going out at the 47.

Michigan 14, Rutgers 7 (7:15 2nd)

Higdon’s second touchdown puts Michigan back on top

Michigan will start its next drive from the 35 after a nice return by Ambry Thomas. 

Shea Patterson takes a deep shot to Donovan Peoples-Jones on the first play of the drive, but Peoples-Jones can’t hold onto it with a defender on him. Tru Wilson rushes for 6 yards on second down to end the first quarter.

Michigan 7, Rutgers 7 (End 1st)

Patterson scrambles to the left sideline and throws across his body before stepping out-of-bounds to Peoples-Jones. Peoples-Jones runs east and is tackled for a gain of 7.

Chris Evans rushes for 4 yards to reach Rutgers territory. Oliver Martin catches a pass worth 7 yards to pick up a first down.

Ronnie Bell then reaches the 29-yard-line with a 12-yard reception.

Patterson goes deep to Martin, who had a step on his defender, but the ball bounces off Martin’s face mask and will bring up second-and-10. Peoples-Jones catches a 9-yard pass on second down. Mason is stopped for no gain on third down. Michigan will go for it.

Timeout #1 Rutgers (10:45 2nd)

Higdon runs behind Mason and gets 4 yards to move the chains on fourth-and-1. 

Martin hauls in a pass from an on-the-run Patterson before getting taken down at the 6-inch-line. 

Higdon finishes the drive with a 1-yard touchdown run.

Michigan 14, Rutgers 7 (9:33 2nd)

tie game in a flash

Raheem Blackshear returns Jake Moody’s kick to the 20.

Wowza, Isaih Pacheco has got some speed. On the Scarlet Knights’ first play of the drive, he takes a halfback counter 80 yards to the house. No hopes of a shutout today.

Michigan 7, Rutgers 7 (0:26 1st)

Higdon gets Michigan on the board

Tru WIlson gets some early action, hitting the hole with a ton of speed on his way to a 15-yard pickup that’ll move Michigan into Rutgers territory at the 44.

Ronnie Bell takes the double-reverse on first down and is stopped after a gain of 2. Zach Gentry is targeted over the middle on second down and he hauls in a 16-yard reception that’ll make it first-and-10 at the 26.

Chris Evans catches a 15-yard pass on the next play to move Michigan to the 11. 

Evans has nowhere to go near the right side on the next play, yet still manages to get 4 yards on the play. Karan Higdon gets to the 3-yard-line with a 4-yard pickup on second down, and here comes Ben Mason. Mason gets to the 1-yard-line on third down, which won’t be good enough for 6 points, but it’ll give the Wolverines a first down.

Higdon finishes off the drive on the next play with a 1-yard rushing touchdown.

Michigan 7, Rutgers 0 (0:45 1st)

Michigan defense crushing Rutgers early

Isaih Pachecho rushes for 1 yard on first down. Artur Sitkowski’s pass on second down is incomplete, intended for Shameen Jones. Raheem Blackshear is wrapped up by half the Wolverine defense on third down after getting 2 yards.

Adam Korsak’s punt is fair caught by Donovan Peoples-Jones at the Michigan 41.

Michigan 0, Rutgers 0 (5:13 1st)

Michigan opening drive stalls in Rutgers territory

Karan Higdon gets the ball to start the game, picking 9 yards on first and second down to make it first down at the 38.

Shea Patterson completes a 9-yard pass to Donovan Peoples-Jones near the sideline on first down. He goes deep to Peoples-Jones on second down, but the throw is just beyond Peoples-Jones’ reach. Higdon hits the middle of the line hard for a pickup of 2 that’ll keep the drive alive.

Oliver Martin rushes to the right side on first down for a gain of 11 that’ll move the Wolverines into Rutgers territory at the 40.

Chris Evans gets his first carry of the game and picks up 2. Evans then catches a screen pass that’s good for 11. 

Evans patiently waits for something to open up on the left side, but is eventually forced to dive forward and salvage a broken play with a gain of 3. Patterson throws a low pass to Zach Gentry that’s caught for a gain of 5 to make it third-and-2. Higdon is a yard short of the first-down marker on third down. Michigan puts three tight ends to the left side of the line, but that doesn’t deter Avery Young from shooting the edge and taking Higdon down for no gain.

Rutgers will take over at the 18.

Michigan 0, Rutgers 0 (6:40 1st)

After long run, Michigan tightens up defense on opening drive

The Wolverines have won the toss and elected to defer. 

Artur Sitkowski completes a short pass worth 3 yards to Raheem Blackshear. Then Rutgers shows its speed, as Isaih Pachecho gets to the left sideline and picks up 21 yards on second down.

Pachecho breaks into Michigan territory with a 2-yard run on first down. Sitkowski’s throws to Blackshear on second and third down fall incomplete.

The ensuing punt goes into the end zone for a touchback.

Michigan 0, Rutgers 0 (12:50 1st)

Rutgers isn’t part of Michigan’s “Revenge Tour,” but the Wolverines still need to take care of business on Saturday to maintain their championship aspirations. Get live updates throughout the Michigan vs. Rutgers game from Nolan Bianchi of The Detroit News.


Kickoff: 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Stadium, Piscataway, N.J.

TV/radio: BTN/950

Records: Michigan 8-1, 6-0 Big Ten; Rutgers 1-8, 0-6

Line: Michigan by 39


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