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Michigan Wolverines Football: Sean McKeon Taking Pride In Blocking

While junior tight end Sean McKeon might only have 11 catches this season, he has been a vital part of Michigan’s offense as a blocker.

McKeon had a big sophomore season, notching 31 receptions and three touchdowns. He won’t touch those numbers this season, but he’s happy to have a strong season as a blocker.

“I take a lot of pride in blocking,” McKeon said. “Especially for Shea, Karan and Chris and the running backs, just try to spring them free. Let them make big plays for us.”

McKeon has worked to improve his blocking over the last few seasons. Going up against Michigan’s defense in practice has also helped him grow as a blocker.

“It’s really just every day, working on your technique,” McKeon said. “I think a lot of it is just effort. Giving that extra effort until the whistle blows to get you guy blocked. It helps going against Rashan Gary in camp all summer because he’s pretty tough to block and Devin Bush and those linebackers like Khaleke too. Really just put in the effort every day to work on your technique and get better.”

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said McKeon’s blocking has been at a high level this season.

“He has an ability, with his back turned to the run,” Harbaugh said. “He knows where the running back is going to end up. He’s able to be engaged with a blocker and shift his backside.”

McKeon has been working with first-year tight end coach Sherrone Moore this season. His knowledge has helped him grow.

“He’s a great coach,” McKeon said. “He’s just a really intelligent guy. He knows pretty much everything about the offense and he wants us to know everything about the offense. We know QB reads, what Shea’s thinking, what the o-line is doing every play so we can do our job to the best of our ability.”

It’s important for McKeon and the tight ends to know everything about the offense because of their varied role on a given play.

“I feel like because we kind of do it all,” McKeon said. “We pass block, we run routes, we run block. We do have to know everything that’s going on in the offense, shifts, motions, formations, all that kind of stuff. I think we’re really asked to do it all.”

With McKeon blocking along with Michigan’s other tight ends and offensive line, the Wolverines offense is rolling.

The team is playing with confidence heading into the last two regular season games.

“Obviously it’s a great feeling to be winning,” McKeon said. “Nine in a row now. It’s definitely a great feeling. We have a lot of confidence on offense right now being able to score almost whenever we want to. It’s definitely a great feeling to be playing for a Big Ten championship.”

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