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Michigan Wolverines Football: Podcast Highlights

After each Michigan game, former Wolverine players Ryan Van Bergen and Doug Skene join the podcast to discuss the Wolverines. Here’s the highlights:

Van Bergen:

On the IU win: “I know it wasn’t a dominating performance, but we took care of a Big Ten opponent that has shown they can be dangerous and we put them away in November. Winning a Big Ten game in November, I think Harbaugh mentioned it in his post-game press conference, that’s a big deal.”

Hoosiers fight: “Indiana came in here and gave us their very best shot and hopefully some lessons learned moving forward because there’s a lot of carry-over from what we so with Indiana offensively and what Ohio State’s going to try to do.”

On IU’s QB: “I don’t think anybody had the idea that Peyton Ramsey was as good with his feet as he showed us on Saturday. If you were to tell me that he a better or mobile quarterback than Trace McSorely or Lewerke or someone like that, I would look at you strange….You have to tip your hat to someone who went and made plays happen for his team.”

Red Zone struggles: “It’s definitely a concern that we’re not coming away with touchdowns when we get into the red zone. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. You go back to the Michigan State game. We settled for quite a few field goals or even punting the ball just for field position. I understand that choice. We have a great defense. We’re not afraid they’re going to give up scores, three points will do sometimes. But, I do think we’re settling a little bit too much.”

Edwards Hit: “On the Edwards hit, the ball carrier ran right by that guy. I can’t imagine what his job would’ve been on that coverage team aside from fill your lane and make a play on the ball. For him to hit Edwards that way, an ejection was warranted, possibly a suspension in my opinion might be something to look at because there was no reason for something like that to happen that play.”

“I think it’s a good thing that our eyes were opened that if we don’t take care of business, we can give up 130 rushing yards. Or if we don’t take care of business, teams will covert third downs against you.”

Doug Skene:

IU’s offense: “Some of those deep balls were pretty good, but the stuff that was really killing us was the underneath crossing routes. And of course that quarterback’s ability to take off and run. I’d only seen him play one previous game. I was surprised how light footed and quick he was on his feet. Reminded me of Lewerke from Michigan State.”

IU’s offensive line: “That’s a well-coached offensive line and they played good. I did not enjoy the couple cheap shots from their right guard. But I can certainly appreciate the intensity which they play.”

“Executionally, that Indiana line looked all as good as the Ohio State. Line. Michigan’s going to have to find a way to get a little more pressure or Don Brown’s going to have to bring someone to get there.”

Winovich hit: “To attack him on the ground goes beyond the line of sportsmanship and beyond the line of good offensive violence into the cheap shot zone which I do not condone. I’m all about legitimate violence from an offensive lineman’s point of view. I can appreciate it, but the stuff when the guy’s laying on the ground, I’m not about that.”

Right tackle position: “I thought Stueber did alright. A couple times in pass pro, he got bent at the waist and his feet slowed down a little bit. But all in all, he was coming off the ball really hard. I saw him trying to finish, trying to push guys over the pile legally before the whistle was blown.”

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