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LeBron James trolls Michigan, Lakers teammate Moe Wagner over Wolverines’ loss to Ohio State

Michigan entered Saturday with Big Ten title hopes, but those hopes were absolutely demolished at Ohio Stadium, where the No. 10 Buckeyes dropped 62 points and ran away with its seventh straight win over the Wolverines.

The weekend’s most notable rout didn’t just erase Michigan’s chance at a College Football Playoff journey, either.

It also provided LeBron James with some high-quality troll fuel.

James, who is from Ohio, wasted no time rubbing the Buckeyes’ big win in the face of Los Angeles Lakers teammate Moe Wagner, who was born in Germany but played for the Wolverines from 2015-2017. The former started with a simple question on Twitter, asking Wagner if he was “doin ok over there” following Michigan’s embarrassing defeat.

Wagner took the first jab in stride and politely brushed off his fellow Laker, replying with a hint of sadness and irritation.

But LeBron didn’t stop there. Apparently dissatisfied with the first barb, James upped his attack on the Wolverines with a lengthier Instagram post — one in which he replaced every “M” with an “X.”

And then came yet another shot at Wagner, complete with more dashed-out “M” letters.

James and Wagner still have to play together, remember. For debate’s sake, however, it’s clear LeBron won the bragging rights on Saturday, even if a handful of fans refused to let him completely off the hook about his loyalty to Ohio in the process:

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