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Coach Nick Saban cleaning house or not

After a lopsided performance against Clemson, it appears Coach Saban and Alabama football is cleaning house. Multiple coaches are parting ways with the Crimson Tide.

The Crimson Tide had a phenomenal offensive season. Offensive coordinator, Mike Locksley, became a strong candidate for the head coaching vacancy at Maryland, late in the season. Locksley accepted Maryland’s offer and left Alabama football’s offense in the hands of QB coach, Dan Enos.

It now appears that Enos will not be leading Tua and the offense into the 2019 season. According to Yahoo Sport’s Pete Thamel, Enos has accepted the offensive coordinator position at the Miami Hurricanes. Multiple other Alabama football coaches, who were not expected to leave, are also jumping ship.

It has been rumored that after a season with poor coaching efforts, that Coach Saban plans on cleaning house at Alabama. Of course, we can not confirm anything that is going on behind the doors of the athletic department, but it does appear that Saban is allowing numerous coaches to leave without putting up a fight.

Offensive line coach, Brent Key, announced he would be leaving the Tide to take on a similar position at his alma mater, Georgia Tech. It was announced shortly after that co-OC and WR coach, Josh Gattis, would be departing the Tide to take over the offensive coordinator role for the Michigan Wolverines.

If Dan Enos was not to take the OC job at Alabama, which looked to be very unlikely, then Josh Gattis would have most likely been the next man up. Now, Alabama football is without both. The Crimson Tide has gone through four offensive coordinators in the last three seasons, and will once again be looking to hire a new one.

Many football analysts are blaming Alabama’s loss to Clemson on the lack lusting defense. There have definitely been many defensive issues throughout the season under first-year DC, Tosh Lupoi, but excuses such as, “they are young” has helped Tosh and the problematic defense slide under the radar.

That might not be the case moving forward. Crimson Tide fans are not too happy with Tosh’s performance, and if Coach Saban shares any similar feelings, then Tosh’s tenure at Alabama may be short-lived.

It is no secret that coordinators and position coaches do not last long at Alabama. It has almost become a trend to see coaches depart the Crimson Tide in a swift and fast motion, but something seems off-kilter. The Tide is coming off a 14-1 season with an SEC and Orange Bowl championship under their belts. Something just seems off here.

Defensive coaches leaving? Okay, that makes sense. But offensive coaches, after all the season-long success? Things that make you go hmmm. It definitely seems like Coach Saban is making big changes on his Alabama football staff.

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Stayed tuned to Bama Hammer in the coming weeks for up-to-date information on the future of Alabama football coaches. Who will be our next offensive coordinator? Will there be a change on the defensive side of the ball?

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